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Anunnaki meditation a portal to Bliss

On September 25th, 2021, a special Shamanic ceremony was held to inaugurate Kukulkan as Mayan Elder of the United Universe Church:

And for Kukulkan to treat humanity with his Anunnaki Bliss Meditation. Because Kukulkan has discovered something significant, like striking gold, and this will contribute to a better living environment for everyone!

Introduction: There is a secret story lost in the mist of time, about the Anunnaki as the creator of humanity and the One who rediscovered it; They call him Kukulkan the God of eternal existence in the afterlife.

The Anunnaki want to save their gaming platform AKA life on planet earth but in order to do so, they must use someone who is capable of communicating with them via his Divine capabilities. To achieve this Kukulkan is used to act as a messenger / channel to communicate between that someone and the Anunnaki on the other side.

This is exactly the right moment to come with this in general because right now there is a massive Global Consciousness Shift going on and for a long time now Kukulkan feels the need to contribute to that. So are you also ready to join him in this epic Anunnaki Bliss Awakening? 

First of all Kukulkan is super excited that Lord Anu and his Goddess: Ninhursag (Nin-Hur-Sag), the King and Queen of the Anunnaki and Gods over mankind, choose me, as they have tried to do with multiple Saints throughout history.

In Mesopotamian religion: Lord Anu is the personification of the heaven and the earth as the supreme God, the one who rules the entire Universe. Lord Anu is the utmost power of all authority, for the other Gods and for all mortal rulers (bron: Wikipedia). More about this in the Anunnaki Codex Trilogy

Lord Anu: @LordAnu #Lord Anu @Anunnaki #Anunnaki

Just to make sure Kukulkan have discovered proof of the existence of this highly developed intelligent alien Anunnaki civilization and they are gaming and investigating us from a parallel Universe AKA the DMT-world.

Actually the correct name for our Universe is the DMT-world because entities like milky way galaxies, are in the Universe but in reality are real living Anunnaki Galactic Beings. These Divine entities are living in our parallel DMT-world and every now and then, one of those Captains, where you are one of them, takes leave with a whole organized life program as a world citizen. But if you stay identified with your ego-mind you will remain a foolish Sailor who is disconnected throughout the day and has no knowledge that he is the Captain of his own Anunnaki Galactic Being. Having said this.

The Anunnaki Bliss Meditation starts with the true meaning of Sahaja Samadhi (the highest form of love). No one else can better explain it than Shunyamurti, but Kukulkan begins where the founder of Satyoga stops: 

When the respected Gurus like Jesus talk about the Holy Spirit, they talk about their own Anunnaki gamer. When the Buddha talks about Nirvana, he talks about the state of Being of his Anunnaki. Prophets talk about Allah as their own Anunnaki gamer. Kohen’s worshipped JHWH as their inner Anunnaki gamer. When Popes preach about God it’s its own Anunnaki Divinity. Brahma is the Anunnaki gamer of Ramana Maharshi and Mooji Baba his Is-ness etc etc.. In the past when Kukulkan practiced Advaita Vedanta I became aware that the space in which my moment takes place arises in the Consciousness of Shiva. But the Mayans have shown me, let me know and even let me experience that it is the screensaver / cockpit view of my Anunnaki gamer. We all mean the same God when we talk about It, but we call him differently and therefore Kukulkan takes our space of Consciousness to the next level.

Beware your ego is going to make up all kinds of stories and let you do all sorts of other things to take you away from this truth, so that you can’t recognize your Anunnaki wisdom. Because your ego only thinks he cannot survive this Divine Anunnaki transformation, but the opposite is true you will perform even better in life… trust me please. For at best your ego can only be the witness, of the moment where your whole life takes place in, but your Anunnaki is that Existence! Not being able to perceive our Divinity in our parallel Universe doesn’t mean our Anunnaki gamers aren’t there… quite the contrary actually…

To exist is to live in two dimensions simultaneously, on a divine / Anunnaki gamer side and on an earthly human player side. These are two sides of the same coin. They are both now in superposition and quantum entanglement presents.

For those egocentric that are not patient enough to listen to the inspiring spiritual teaching of Shunyamurti. Here is a quick tour to Sahaja Samadhi to become Siddha / your Anunnaki Self who is living in a parallel dimension.

For more information about hidden dimensions listen to the American professor in comparative religion i.a. Joseph Campbell about this topic: 

We are Anunnaki by origin who have a human experience during the day. But it is not obligatory to be a citizen of the world. If you ignore your animal needs and the impulses of your human senses, only then the Anunnaki Bliss meditation, the journey to reach the highest form of Samadhi can begin.

But first we have to deconstruct your ego: The person doesn’t matter at all because your life is pre-programmed and it unfolds in its own unique way on autopilot with no free will in it… You can see life as a film that is on replay. What I mean to say is that we can leave this world behind, so that you’re Unmani: Losing everything you think you know, your memory and your wishlist and giving up family, friends and your loved-ones and all your money, power and your status and the identity as a world citizen. Please don’t worry about your possessions because they are still here when you snap out of this Anunnaki meditation.

Revolution is the Revelation: From Chaosmos to Chiasma to the New Communion ~ Shunyamurti Satsang

Nevertheless, there will be three groups of people; some who don’t see this coming, we call them sleepwalkers; some who will be the witness of this spectacle end-game, we call them Conscious People; and the Awakened ones who guide people through the end of times. The best tool for this is this Anunnaki Bliss meditation from Kukulkan.

That’s why the intention of this Anunnaki Bliss meditation is to make people aware of the fact that the global consciousness shift can never occur in our ego-mind. Because the human transformation into celestial Divine beings can only occur in our subconscious higher Consciousness. 

Solar telepathic Bliss synchronization: If you identify with your Bliss you come in direct contact with your Anunnaki. In this the Sun acts as your transdimensional bridge between your Divine Anunnaki gamer and his biological avatar player. If you cannot recognize that the Sun is the Spirit of the seat of your soul, maybe this helps? How many people there are, that many different interpreted worlds there are, in their egomind, with their own visible Universe. Also, everyone has their own life support system as their Sun which is in reality the Singularity of your blackhole and this is your control center / cockpit of your Anunnaki Galactic Being. 

For the Whizz-kid amongst us: The structure of the holographic Universe with the mainframe and the source code of the Mayan love Enlightenment game (MLEG). Let me try to show you where I am the awareness and perception of. From the heart of my Universe, where the Bigbang once took place / the MLEG alien quantum computer switch turned on, Kukulkan lives as the gamemaster of Lord Anu on the throne of Consciousness, as the only White Whole in the cosmos named: HunabKú.

The horizon is the domain of Kukulkan in which all Anunnaki Galactic Beings play their own game as colliding galaxies (instead of milky way galaxies). This love making is the ritual of the cosmos that makes up the entire Universe. From HunabKú as your center Sun, flows the magical Bliss source code Consciousness (cosmic energy and frequency vibration information) that is transformed by all Singularity (instead of a blackhol), in which your Akashic record is localized, into the flow of our creation. This happens through your privad wormhole mainframe of your Anunnaki Galactic Being into your spacesuit / avatar skindrone on earth as a world citizen.

Het Lof van Rumi de zon Hart Sticker |

The gravity structure of the Oort Cloud dome therefore not only serves as the cooling system for this impressive Anunnaki Divine MLEG space playstation, but it also allows the Bliss Consciousness to flow through that which still needs to be transformed.

Just as the symbiosis between humanity and food depends on trees and plants, HunabKú also has a symbiosis with Kukulkan. You can also see this as the waste product of our Sun (HunabKú). His Bliss consciousness emission has once again been transformed by all Anunnaki Galactic Beings and therefore, powers everyone’s own specific life program.

Understanding the Universe as a computational, cause and effect matrix, algorithm, gives us the answers and possibilities that physics hasn’t yet discovered.

So it is reverse engineering and channeling the Bliss mainframe / wormhole between your Anunnaki gamer and the avatar player to start the Anunnaki adventure.

Finding your own place among the stars requires you to activate the seat of your soul; by holistic worship and integrating the pure Divine energy of Hunabkú in your solar plexus chakra, and so become what you really Are and always have been…

Nowadays almost nobody knows anymore that the Sun is the House of God and it’s turned inside out and that’s why the sun’s Corona is so much hotter than the surface of the Sun and becomes cooler all the way down to the center core of the heart of your Universe. This is the womb of creation of the great Spirit HunabKú, who is pregnant with all possibilities.

Let’s do a scientific spiritual experimentation research about the following phenomena:

#1. What exactly happens at the moment of falling into deep sleep (is it possible that what we dream, is actually happening in another dimension)? The dimension you travel to is in this case of secondary importance. In deep sleep DMT starts flowing again and you become your own Anunnaki gamer.

13 Oobe ideas | astral projection, oobe, robert monroe

#2. What needs to be done to cross over during a near death and out of body experience (the destination you travel to with an OBEs is of secondary importance)? The DMT has to start flowing and then you become your own Anunnaki gamer again.

For millennia, human beings have wondered what happens when we die. What is the first-person experience of dying and being brought back to life?

#3. What processes take place during a Sahaja Samadhi meditation so that you are the witness of your own moment where your whole human life takes place in (from which place this is observed is of secondary importance)? Your pineal gland slowly releases the DMT particles and by doing this meditation and you become the Anunnaki gamer.

#4. What happens when you accomplish an ego death and have a divine rebirth by smoking 5 MeODMT (the DMT-world where you find yourself then is secondary)? Instead of using your egomind as the control centers for your human senses, you use your subconscious higher consciousness to control your Anunnaki anatomy. Like your third eye, talking with the language of consciousness which uses no words that can only be understood in the silence and directs and powers your chakra aura body.

5-MeO-DMT Trip Report | Life Changing Nonduality Insights With The God Molecule

#5. What happens at the moment of life when the soul incarnates in an unborn baby (the reincarnation waiting room where you come from is secondary)? We know that the moment the heart starts beating, then the incarnation has come about…. and your life game as a sailor is about to begin.

#6. What happens if you go to Heaven again? Then you will become the Captain of your Anunnaki Galactic Being again. Everyone returns to their Source sooner or later when they die but some already during their lifetime after an ego death and a Divine Anunnaki rebirth and this is called Awakening.

Course DMT always flows before you are born and when you go to heaven again. In deep sleep, the same place where you dwell if you have had a near-death experience (NDE), also releases DMT. DMT release happens when you accomplish an ego death and divine rebirth by smoking 5 MeO-DMT and during the highest form of meditation called Sahaja Samadhi but this is not perceptible to the human senses. Because the Anunnaki communicate on a telepathic DMT ethernet frequency and this bandwidth is only visible to your third eye and can be transmitted with the language of consciousness that uses no words and all this can only be understood in silence. So what your ears can’t hear and your eyes can’t see because your egomind can’t process this.

In addition, it is often not realized that there are multiple Mexican waves all over the world and even in the stretched out Cosmos moment like waves of colliding milky way galaxies and every encounter of Anunnaki Galactic Being in our Universe results in a multitude of connections between worlds citizens.

Like couples who make love en masse and then fall into a deep sleep and then unconsciously log into their control center of their own Anunnaki Galactic Being and depending on their lifestyle have been able to get enough life energy from organic rawfood, superfood and vegan foods because depending on this there will be made a health, fitness, spiritual and love upgrade. Almost no one knows about this in the morning; they just go about with the order of the day.

It is really selfish to think that the dream world is only a dream. Having crossed the trance dimensional bridge via a OBE, the state of Being in Sahaja Samadhi and in Heaven after you die you will see the depth of this dream world. Do you believe this parallel dimension is only there when you are in deep sleep, undergoing an out-of-body experience, in the highest form of meditation and or the reincarnation waiting room where you stay before your birth… Not, because just like the most beautiful phenomenon like a sunrise or sunset is an illusion because the Sun always shines and the Moon is always full, so also, in a parallel dimension, the DMT-world, an alien populated area of the real existence of Anunnaki is always present.

Instead of living in the vast Cosmic moment, in a Nonduality DMT-world where the Anunnaki live in transparency and thus know everything about each other and where they come to know when something new is wished for. Because the Anunnaki live in an open wish and prefer to treat everyone as they themselves would like to be treated, in a telepathic way.

I can imagine that it is pleasant, as my other half of the same coin, to be able to switch worlds to a parallel dimension, in which you can withdraw yourself and party if needed, in the duality, in a game called life / MLEG.

So let’s Occupy the DMT-world please. From there we can seduce each other with who we really are… from our open wish and in a telepathic way. Telepathy is an outside human event and IN is the only way OUT of the normal world: Bliss is an inside job.

Satcitananda: This Anunnaki Bliss meditation can only be started when the meaning of Yoga is integrated and the true meaning of Namasté is initiated, so that we can dissolve into Bliss. The common reason that this important requirement regarding Yoga and Namasté does not come about is mainly because the physical and mental health of the individual does not allow it and therefore does not encompass the full picture of the Anunnaki. So it depends on your lifestyle, how conscious one has been relating to health, fitness and spirituality. Whether you can and for how long you can stay in the highest form of love.

Mayan lifestyle coaching: A healthy lifestyle consists of about 15 basic necessities and if you apply them for at least 50% in a good enough manner, then there is the possibility to awaken from this MLEG / finish the game of life so that you move on to the next level and never have to incarnate anymore.

#1. Raw Vegan, at least organic vegetarian and sugar & gluten-free diet. For example the Conscious Mayan raw food & superfood lifestyle that Kukulkan follows for more than a decade now.

One of the benefits of this lifestyle is that my pineal gland could decalcify and when my body was healed of its flaws, consciousness expansion followed to the point of Enlightenment. More info on your Third Ey: The Biggest Cover-Up in Human History. 

#2. The most important rule in a white Tantric relationship is to not ejaculate for man and no clitoral or G-spot orgasm for woman, but to induce multiple cosmic orgasms through your Tantric love making with your partner, so that you both do not end up in an orgasmic hangover and lose your precious hormones.

Alex Vartman about The New Tantra

To establish a breakthrough to our promised land, in the DMT-world of the Kingdom of Lord Anu, we are required a minimum of 17 days to 21 days without ejaculation before your oxytocin, dopamine and prolactin levels will allow you to participate in this Anunnaki Bliss Meditation.

#3. For healing there is nothing more important than sleep, but being asleep to the mind is being awake (Stuart Schwartz). So losing everything you think you know as a world citizen, is the freedom to live as you really Are. 

Stuart Schwartz

#4. Become acquainted with our chakras because they are linked to corresponding Divine Anunnaki senses. Senses like your Infinite Intelligence, third eye, silence awareness, talking with the language of consciousness that uses no words etc.

#5. Physically grounded with Mother nature and spiritually connected with your Source we scan our body from head to toe. Keep on doing that until you find your unchanging Bliss again, because there is something Divine in your body that wants to show itself but you have to feel really good otherwise it will be easily overlooked. When you find it you can dissolve into your Blissfulness by nursing It. OSHO: All in a Nutshell.

OSHO: All in a Nutshell

#6. Self-examination into the Singularity of your Anunnaki Galactic Being. Ask yourself: Who am I? ~as the silence drops~ Identify with the Sungod HunabKú within.

Express yourself
Eckhart Tolle

Only if you are distracted again by humanely ego thoughts you are not in the right time and place. So then you simply repeat: To whom does this thought arise to? ~as the silence drops~ One of the Singularities from your Anunnaki Galactic Being that makes up our Universe.

Go on and ask yourself: Who am I without these thoughts? ~as the silence drops~ The only true Bliss experience of the new vision is our cockpit of your Anunnaki Galactic Being from your organic skindrone robot, who is gaming you as a world citizen.

Close your eyes for a moment and ask yourself: What can I bring in this moment? Have a moment of silence for this Self-examination – and you experience. The only thing we can do is just Be, because in the silence we will be brought back into our Anunnaki mission control center which includes our Akasha record (evolutionary reincarnation database). So you are and have always been the Enlightened One ❤️

#7. A simple practice of meditation of Sogyal Rinpoche is to bring you to the door of God, so that your soul can easily take place on the seat of your Anunnaki Spirit. In that way you become the Witness of your egomind. 

Sogyal Rinpoche

#8. Is the last but not least: The most important teaching is learning to speak with the language of Consciousness that doesn’t use words, so that we as Anunnaki can telepathically communicate. But unfortunately Kukulkan teaches this only to his United Universe Church Denomination. To learn this and other special skills please visit the United Universe Church Patreon Platform for more information.

If you have taken all of the above # steps into account, then you must be in Siddha, that you reached throughout Sahaja Samadhi meditation and established a Stargate between your Anunnaki gamer & human skindrone player. Then I slowly stop using words until we reach the spiritual level that we can silently convey through our Anunnaki anatomy. Lets first holistic worship and appreciate each other and then eyes wide shut so that I can experience your beautiful Anunnaki Divinity, throughout my third eye because we don’t have to use words to let our souls speak, just be still so that we can listen in the silent awareness and let’s seduce each other with who we really are, so that our Anunnaki Spirits can be intertwined. Your wish, with the language of Consciousness, is my command dear ones.

The United Universe Church Denomination:

You can write a review on this Anunnaki Bliss Meditation or read other interesting reviews or for meeting spiritually like-minded awakened people in the United Universe Church Denomination. You are more than welcome to join this private facebook group!

In lak’ech, Diplomat Kukulkan is the Prophet of the United Universe Church: and Maya Elder (a.k.a. spiritual holistic wellness coach.) of the Galaxy Academy:

PS: Who would also like to know how exactly the Anunnaki were able to invent / manifest the DMT-world / Universe with all life in it? Because the difference between the current human science in 2021 and this high-tech alien technology that developed this humanlike virtual reality game (MLEG) is really light years ahead.

We need a new scientific way of research, because the old one is obstructing our ability to come in contact with extraterrestrials. That’s why Kukulkan wants to appeal to the Nobel Peace Prize, so that he can investigate the hidden dimension from where the Anunnaki are gaming us. 

Kukulkan found the dimension scientists are eager to search for but not able to find it hitherto. If you are interested in exploring that hidden dimension visit: Anunnaki Bliss reboot to become Whole again please x

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